Diamond (Facials) are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend and not just meant to be worn as jewelry. Now, we use the benefits of these minerals to make our skin not only healthier, but more youthful and radiant.

Pharmaciopy Dermatological Laboratory is breaking every rule of beauty with its new and advanced skincare technology.

Research has discovered that skincare products that contain diamond powder give a gentle exfoliation that allows the moisturizers, vitamins, botanicals, and age-defying ingredients in our products to penetrate even deeper than what we’re used to.

Why You Must Experience Diamond Skincare in Your Lifetime

Pharmaciopy skincare line just brought a whole new meaning to bathing in diamonds.

The Diamond Age-Defying skincare set is packed with vitamins A, C, and E to boost overall skin health and appearance.

The formula contains rose hip oil, which aids in the treatment of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and signs of aging.

The diamond powder has also been added which offers many benefits to the skin, including:

The Diamond Age-Defying skincare set consists of 4 must-have products that will make you look in the mirror a second time just to make sure it’s still you.

These include the following.

Diamond Age-Defying Peeling

Infused with special ingredients such as diamonds, hyaluronic acid, advanced peptides complex, and witch hazel, this face peel helps renew skin and brighten our complexion.

It’s simple to use but yields big benefits and even bigger results.

Gently massage it into the skin in circular motions and continue this process until it creates a peeling effect. Then, rinse with lukewarm water. As your face is gently exfoliated, it will look fresher and more radiant. Results appear instantly.

Diamond Age-Defying Cream

The Diamond Age-Defying Cream is a gentle moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin and helps to restore skin’s resilience while also protecting it against dryness.

The diamond powder allows increased collagen production, while hyaluronic acid provides much needed moisturization. All of which aid in the defense against aging.

This breakthrough product contains all the ingredients needed to make your skin feel relaxed and protected while minimizing discomfort.

Diamond Age-Defying Eye Serum

Silky, soft, and supple are words used to describe the texture of the Diamond Age-Defying Eye Serum.

This fantastic serum is designed to reduce the number, depth, and size of wrinkles, creating an appearance of renewed and smooth skin.

It aids in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, diminishes dark circles, and reduces under-eye puffiness.

The Diamond Age-Defying eye serum acts as a shield against pollution, sun exposure, dulling, stressed, and wrinkling skin.

It offers a healthy glow while also being the best defense against all the bad in the world that tries to get passed our body’s greatest defense-our skin.

Diamond Age-Defying Eye Cream

The Diamond Age-Defying Eye Cream acts fast and is designed to demolish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes.

It also aids in the elimination of fatigue and an extra boost of moisturization in the delicate eye area. Added benefits include the skin around the eyes appearing more radiant, soft, and youthful.

Diamond Age-Defying Eye Cream is applied twice daily and shows the best results when paired with the Diamond Age-Defying Eye Serum.

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