Innovation Right at Your Fingertips with Beauty Technology

Welcome to the next edition of the Jelessi line where you’ll learn everything there is to know about these new innovative products. Not only will they change your skin, but they’ll also change your life.

In this post, we’ll talk about the Photonix – 2 Jade Eye Wand which specializes in the delicate skin around your eyes, and the Photonix – 3 Neck Solution which targets that delicate skin in your neck area.

These two products are a lot like the Torches with the light therapy and heat modes, but they’re not just for your facial skin.

Your eye and neck area need attention, too, and these magical wands are happy to give those areas the extra TLC they deserve and desire.

Technology to Revolutionize Skin Care.

You’ll brighten your skin and reduce puffiness around your eyes with the new Photonix – 2 Jade Eye Wand.

This handy device is easy to use and safe for all layers of your skin. Not only that, but it also gives you anti-aging benefits right at your fingertips without all the hassles.

Eyes are prone to dark circles and puffiness due to fluid buildup, age, and restless sleep cycles. Darkness occurs because the skin starts to thin, revealing more of the muscle underneath. That’s where the Jade Eye Wand comes in.

With its amazing light therapy, it can turn back time and reduce puffiness and dark circles. If you use this product, you’ll be saying goodbye to all those difficult factors of life in no time.

Packed with a 3-year warranty and all the benefits of light therapy, the Photonix – 3 Jade Eye Wand has 3 different settings to choose from based on the type of light therapy you want that day. These options include both red and blue.

Red Light Therapy + Negative Ion Technology:

Blue Light + Positive Ion Technology:

Red Light + Heat Therapy:

The Photonix – 3 Jade Eye Wand features a natural jade stone on the head which comes with many benefits. The most notable 3 are that it tightens skin, removes dark circles, and detoxifies the skin for a healthier you.

This device is easy to use.

First, apply your skincare product under your eyes. Then, turn on your Photonix – 3 Jade Eye Wand to the setting you desire. The wand features 3 settings for both blue and red light.

Non-Invasive Alternatives to Time-Consuming Salon Treatments

The Latest Photonix – 3 Neck Solution Has Finally Been Revealed

When it comes to the hard to deal with neck area, the Photonix – 3 Neck Solution is what it is called: A solution.

With this trusty device, you’ll never have to worry about the health and appearance of the skin on your neck.

Our neck area is one of those most difficult locations to get anything done on our body. Whether it’s losing weight, firming skin, or treating other conditions, our neck area makes it seem impossible to be successful.

However, with the Photonix – 3 Neck Solution device, impossible just became possible. This device has so many benefits that will make you wonder why it was ever difficult to have beautiful, healthy, and younger-looking skin around your neck.

The Photonix – 3 Neck Solution features 3 treatment modes: red, blue, and green light therapy. All of these treatments can be handpicked by you whenever you use the device to target the areas you need most.

Red Light Therapy:

Blue Light Therapy:

Green Light Therapy:

The Photonix – 3 Neck Solution is easy to use.

First, apply skincare product to your neck just as you would with the Jade Eye Wand.

Then, turn the device on and choose your light therapy treatment (either red, blue, or green). Glide the device in upward motions for 5-7 minutes, then turn off and store it away for your next use.

It’s that simple.

Once upon a time, it was viewed as vanity and selfishness to want to look younger than we were, or to do a little more than take basic care of our skin. Buying more expensive products were frowned upon, and everyone was judged for it.

But that’s not the case anymore.

Currently, skin health is being talked about a lot more, and the desire to have better skin health is as natural as wanting better gut health or more muscle tone.

We all want healthy skin that looks youthful and vibrant. It’s in our nature to want to not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. We only get one body with one type of skin. Our job is to take care of that skin.

With the Neck Solution by Jelessi, our skin will be tighter, appear smoother, and feel softer than ever before.

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