Men can benefit from facials too

Forget about the stereotype… your skin needs attention now!

The stigma of getting a facial in fear of being marked as “soft” “weak”, and almost “feminine” for your masculine skin. The idea of spa slippers, calming music and cucumber may not appeal to you, but we’re here to change your mind. Let the professionals at Le Caprice handle your skin..

Damage to the first layer of your skin due to grooming or excess sun exposure that can’t be reversed with soap and water alone. Irritation can fade, but issues that are naked to the eye does more harm than you can imagine. As a matter of fact, facials benefit men more than women. Thanks to their coarser skin, enlarged pores and higher sensitivity to sun damage (skipping sunscreen), you may need the that last appointment more than the gal next to you.

A few reasons why to treat your skin to a facial

1. A Smoother Shave

Regardless of how often you’re using a razor as a method to hair removal, the ongoing dragging of the razor against the skin can cause undoubtedly substantial amounts of irritation. Dry skin, razor burn, inflammation, cuts and ingrown hairs are a few frequent consequences of shaving.

A facial will penetrate to deeply clean the skin bumps and sooth once irritated skin. Incorporating exfoliation, oils, mask, toning, and moisturizer from a professional can provide a very relaxing treatment while getting your skin in tip top shape. Having smoother skin will result in a more pleasant, and less painful shave.

2. Men Produce More Oil

To your surprise, oil production is higher in men due to high testosterone levels that are found versus women. If skin is not properly cared for, the excess oil will clog pores leading to white/black heads that leads to the unthinkable, blemishes.

During a facial, extractions will be performed using a very precise technique to carefully eliminate oil and dirt that’s been clogging your pores. Performing this procedure at home is strongly not recommended due to risk of severe skin damage and further breakouts.

Producing more oil doesn’t necessarily equal oily skin, an explanation behind why facials are so effective is that we’re professionals who are skilled, trained, and seasoned to understand your skin type and what you need.

Dry skin types require a hydrating facial leaving skin moisturized and rejuvenated. Oily skin will target the shine and shrinking of pores with exfoliation.

3. Professional Skincare

At Le caprice, we provide high quality products that aren’t available over the counter, education you on how to properly utilize skincare products, in what order, and explain why. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your skin to better the health.

In the end, you an find yourself feeling very relaxed and pampered while experiencing reduced stress, and boost of self confidence.

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