Top Five Trending Facial Treatments

Skin care can never go out of style. However, the way we care for skin can improve! The constant upgradation of skin care services and products gives us a plethora of options for top-notch treatments to help make our skins more healthy and glowing. The recent trend of intriguing facial treatments has made people try these out in order to know if these treatments are actually beneficial or not. What more can skin care centers and beauty salons come up with? Here are the top 5 trending facial treatments:

Ultrasonic Facial

This facial is conducted through a machine which emits ultrasonic waves. These waves deeply penetrate the skin in order to lift it and make it more firm. It usually lasts for around ten minutes, and the ultrasonic radio frequency wave pulses help to improve oxygenation and to generate collagen fibers. Extremely helpful for age affected skin, and those who have been through weight fluctuations.

Hot Stone Massage Facial

This daunting but extremely relaxing facial treatment includes the use of hot stones (yes, you read correctly). These hot stones are placed on the face in order to stimulate fibroblasts, which improve the skin’s healing and repairing properties. This hot stone massage also produces lymphatic drainage and also help to firm the skin. For excessively damaged skin, the hot stone massage facial is the best solution.

Infrared Collagen Stimulating Facial

The infrared collagen stimulating facial usually comprises of 1200 LED lights. These lights produce infrared and blue lights, which are extremely therapeutic for the skin. These lights penetrate through the layers of the skin and help to remove dark spots. This facial treatment also holds anti-aging properties for the skin and reduces radical skin damage. It also tightens the pores and helps in reducing inflammation. For damaged or age effected skin, the infrared collagen stimulating facial is the perfect solution.

24k Gold Facial

For those who want to feel extra luxurious, the 24k gold facial is the way to go. This facial entails 24k gold leaf sheets being placed on the face, to help reduce sagging skins and wrinkles through the antioxidants gold contains. Your face will definitely feel brand new after this facial treatment and is definitely worth a try.

Oxygen Facial

One of the most common facials nowadays includes the oxygen facial. It helps to achieve glowing skin, through the oxygen producing facial machine. It especially helps to reduce excessively dry skin and those faces that have been victims of pollution abuse. The oxygen facial rejuvenates the face, brighten and equalize the skin tone, prevents acne and improves elasticity by boosting collagen levels. This facial treatment is the perfect remedy for those who want to get their glow back!

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