What Sun Damage Does to Your Skin & Prevention

The sun is great, it’s the glowing center that provides light allowing us to enjoy outdoor activities. However, the stunning star has the possibilities to leave long-term damage to your skin, mostly if it’s left untreated. Age spots and wrinkles are just a few flaws the sun can do to your skin even after the sun has set. To our dismay, the first signs of sun damage will appear on our complexion.

How Sun Harrm Your Skin?

The sun produces dangerous ultraviolet light – which is the key offender to sunburn. Lounging in the sun and working on a tan can ease your mind, but this habit can lead to detrimental effects such as aging. A research suggests that UV rays are guilty of almost 80% of why skin ages.

Results from Sun Damage on the Skin

1. Wrinkles

Once your skin has been burnt, a vast majority of the damage has been done to your skin already. The UV rays pierce through collagen and elastin which are the two proteins that work to help keep your skin delicate. Too much exposure will damage the skin cell DNA that can lead to visible changes like wrinkles in the future.

2. Dry Skin

When you’re in the sun for long periods of time, your skin becomes deprived of organic moisture, thus being overexposed leaves the skin dehydrated causes dryness, flaking, and rough.

3. Sun Spots

Those freckles that appear on your skin are most likely sunspots. Skin cells form a chemical known as melanin to shield against the harmful sun. But coincidentally, overexposure to the skin can lead to melanin to cluster together resulting in dark spots or aging spots we call Sun Spots.

4. Actinic Keratosis

When too much exposure to such results in the form of extremely dry, patchy, and almost scale-like skin patches known as Actinic Keratosis. If not addressed, this skin condition can become much more than just a simple “skin cold”. Actinic accounts for close to almost 10% of skin cancer cases.

How to Avoid Sun Damage

Firstly, prevention is the easiest way to tackle damage. Below are a few recommended

Adequate skin care such as moisturization and exfoliation can assist in locking in hydration. These tips are applicable at all times, sunny or cloudy, the UV rays are out. Overcast days are more damaging because it’s more difficult to recognize where the UV rays are coming from. When in doubt, be safe and prepared!

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