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    Diamond Age Defying Cream

    A gentle, quick absorbing rich moisturizer that helps restore the skin’s flexibility and protects the skin against dryness.   This exclusive complex contains advanced age-defying ingredients that work to minimize discomfort, making skin feel wonderfully relaxed and protected.   It is composed of diamonds assisting with blood circulation, encouragement of collagen production, moisture to the skin all helping to delay…

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    Diamond Age Defying Eye Cream

    A fast-acting, eye cream is designed to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes. Its concentrated formula replenishes and revitalizes the appearance of the delicate skin around your eyes and to help erase those telltale signs of fatigue and aging. It is compound with diamond powder, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, advance peptides complex,…

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    Diamond Age Defying Eye Serum

    “A fantastic, silky, soft, and supple texture designed to help reduce the number, depth, and size of wrinkles for visibly renewed smoothness. The formula contains rosehip oil packed with vitamins A and C helping to treat pigmentation and signs of aging. Further, we have added diamond powder, an advanced peptide complex, vitamin A, and E. Diamonds help the skin by…

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    Diamond Age Defying Peeling

    An amazing skin radiance booster for luminous and glowing skin.   Enriched with special ingredients to help renew the skin’s surface and brighten your complexion. Its key elements are diamonds, hyaluronic acid, an advanced peptides complex, and witch hazel.   Diamonds help to stimulate blood circulation and assist the skin in cell renewal all the while hyaluronic acid alleviates the…

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