Localized Cryo

Improve your health and stop the anti-aging process.

Target inflamed and stiff body areas for faster healing and great results

Localized Cryo Therapy uses the same nitrogen gas but focuses on a specific area of your body rather than the whole body. This specialized approach is used to target almost any area which is painful, inflamed, stiff or sore. Targeted areas are measured for temperature prior to treatment and then monitored throughout the session to make sure we are taking the inflamed area down to the proper therapeutic temperature. Localized Cryo can also help with muscle pain, muscle disorders, promote faster healing of athletic injuries.

How Does it Work?

Cryotherapy pumps liquid nitrogen (which turns to vapor once it hits the air) into a single-person chamber that cools to temperatures between -238°F to -274°F.

Treats Various Conditions

Cryotherapy clinics can be found all over the United States, and people are booking sessions for everything from pain relief and emotional health to weight loss, arthritis and more.

How Long is Every Session?

It is recommended to have 15-minutes sessions for each body part