Teen Clean Facial

Created with the Teen’s Complexion Needs in Mind

Uncover the Importance of Good Skin Care Habits at a Young Age with Teen Facials.

Uncover the importance of good skincare habits at a young age with teen facials.

Most teenagers experience acne. Mild cases are considered a normal condition of puberty. But even mild acne can be traumatic to your skin – especially if treated with some of the harsh skin care products on the market.

Therefore, it is very important that teens take the time to learn and execute a proper skincare regimen. And that’s where we come in!

Great for All Skin Types

This deep-cleansing treatment incorporated into our Teen Facial is fantastic for all skin types, and customized to target individual skin care concerns.

No Down Time or Irritation

A customized gentle exfoliating treatment for acne prone skin while softening sebum and dislodging dead skin cells. Gently extracts clogged pores while hydrating sensitive acne prone oily skin. It is excellent for all skin types.

Just For Your Skin

This is a completely customized facial designed especially for teens. Utilizing a myriad of clinical skincare products, thorough deep cleansing, and therapeutic facial massage, our esthetician will create a program to bring out the best in your skin.