EFG Micro Needle Wine Gold Eye Boost Treatment


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This two two-part system is designed to target and treat trouble areas around and under eyes with a high level of accuracy.


Our Microneedle Boost Patch uses our exclusive skin barrier penetration technology. The dissolving microneedles deliver the active ingredients directly onto the treated area and dissolve into the skin, providing beneficial ingredients for a complete treatment.

When paired, our boosting serum enhances the results creating a highly efficient solution and synergistic effect.

This breakthrough skincare technology contains selected ingredients of hyaluronic acid, EGF (epidermal growth factors), Vitamin A, and E are delivered through microneedles to penetrate your skin for an unforgettable experience.

Epidermal growth factors have many benefits for the skin such as correcting wrinkles, strengthening the skin barrier, maintaining moisture, preventing pigmentation, and enhancing collagen and elasticity to the skin.  Eyes appear bright, firm, and young-looking.


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