4-Part Series~Your Skin as You Age: Top 3 Skin Concerns if You’re Over 60

This is the 4th article in our 4-part series that explores the most common problems that impacts your skin as you age. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to slow-down aging effects and improve your overall skin condition at the age of 60 plus.

The age we all know will happen to us, but we never truly see us getting to is the 60s to 70s.

One important thing we need to know about is the health of our skin. Other than the obvious wrinkles, facial lines, and sagging skin, there are other concerns to be on the lookout for.

Here are the two most important concerns, as well as methods on how to take care of them for good.

Things to Know about Hyperpigmentation

This is a huge issue when we hit old age that seems to be never-ending, just like the sagging skin and deep wrinkles. Years of exposure to sun and the loss of cell production causes areas of our skin to become hyperpigmented.

What that means is that melanin production, which is what determines the color of our skin, is being overproduced. This localized darkening of skin isn’t attractive and can leave us feeling insecure and embarrassed about the appearance of our skin.

The Truth about Loose Facial Skin Around the Eyes

As time passes by, the skin around our eyes begin to weaken. The muscles underneath retain fluids, collagen and elastin production decreased, and what we’re left with is saggy skin that doesn’t seem to go away.

This creates shadows over our eyes which makes the issue even worse because now the area around our eyes isn’t just puffy looking, it’s also darker than normal.

Normally, cold compresses would be helpful in reducing swelling and flattening out the skin.

However, because the issue here isn’t just local inflammation and fluid retention, we have to lift the skin by giving it what it needs: a boost in collagen.

The Small, but the Important Thing to Notice in the Lavelier Seagrass Collection Cymosilk Masque

This is a unique leave-on masque that is designed to be used weekly for the best results. The masque transforms into water droplets as you massage it into your skin, which leaves skin feeling and looking smoother than before.

The Cymosilk Masque is infused with vitamin A and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which have collagen boosting benefits. Overall, it’s a phenomenal anti-aging solution.

The Reason to Fall in Love with the Lavelier Marine Essentials Collection.

The Marine Advanced Bio-Syringe is an advanced formula that delivers anti-aging benefits to any area with heavy signs of aging. It’s a powerful wrinkle fighting treatment that promotes smoother, and more youthful looking skin while also decreasing the appearance of expression lines.

It’s simple to use, only having to apply it directly on the area and remaining expressionless for a few minutes. The Marine Bio-syringe is recommended for weekly use, but can be used as desired for maximum results.

That concludes this 4-part series on skin concerns that impact us as we age.

Everyone wants nothing more than to age gracefully and look the same in our 50s as we did in our 20s.

In any case, skin health is important and should be taken seriously. With that in mind, do what you can to keep everything working correctly.

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