Rediscover your glow with Jelessi Beauty Technology?

When you thought of the future, did you ever picture technology being used to fix every problem we’ve ever had with our skin? If so, then you saw this article coming. If not, then buckle your seatbelts because you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

Radiofrequency facials and ultrasonic therapy were cool when we first heard about them, but what if you could take them home with you to use every day?

That’s what we’ll be talking about in this article.

Now, these are radiofrequency or ultrasonic facials boxed into a little wand, but the technology is still cool.

Why is Everyone Talking about the Torche V2+?

The first device is called the Torche V2+, a breakthrough in the anti-aging system we’re all longing for. This magical wand is medically tested and approved by the FDA and dermatologists and has been proven to show visible improvements within 3-5 weeks.

How it works is simple, but extremely effective. Torche V2+ uses dermal heat technology and LED infrared light to penetrate the skin to the hypodermis.

This breach of the deepest layer of our skin allows this device to:

Another benefit to this device is the boost in the circulatory system, by increasing blood flow to the face. This allows blood to flow more freely throughout the body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be dispersed everything it needs to go.

With this boost, we feel more healthier and naturally happier.

To start the treatment, you’ll need a clean, dry face free of all makeup and creams. Then, remove the Torche V2+ from the charging port and press the power button. A green light will turn on to indicate that it is ready. After the light flashes, press the heat button above it.

This device will automatically emit the LED light when it meets your skin. It will also gradually increase its temperature up to 105⁰F. For the most effective results, gently and slowly glide the Torche V2+ along your face in circular motions, focusing on the areas of greatest concern:

Continue using the device for 5-7 minutes and complete the experience by applying your favorite moisturizer. Before placing the device on the charging port, make sure it is off and clean it with the cleaning cloth which is included with purchase. The Torche V2+ is the ultimate non-surgical solution for smoother, more radiant and bouncier skin.

Awaken Your Skin with Torche V2+ Amber Light

The second breakthrough device in this new collection is the Torche V2+ Amber Light. Essentially, a version of the Torche V2+, geared toward more difficult skin conditions. Including but not limited to:

Torche V2+ Amber Light is noninvasive, painless, and safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. It uses concentrated LED light waves to penetrate the skin’s surface. This allows the stimulation of the Lymphatic system, which is important for our overall circulatory health.

If your circulatory system is your phone, then the lymphatic system is all the updates that you do regularly to make sure it’s working properly. How it works is by preventing a back up of fluid in our bodies.

As oxygenated blood is traded in for deoxygenated blood by the arteries and veins of our vascular system, the lymphatic veins and capillaries absorb all the left-over plasma that doesn’t make it back to our veins.

These specialized veins carry the plasma back to the heart to be mixed back in with the blood. Without this added on benefit, we would always be swollen and have very low blood pressure, which is why the Torch V2+ Amber Light is a wonderful product. It’s able to boost our lymphatic system to make sure it’s working properly.

Light technology breaks up dark spots which are created by clusters of melanin and promotes cellular growth. The Torche V2+ Amber Light also reduces the appearance of tiny blood vessels by flushing toxins out of the skin, diminishing the flushed, red look.

This device has an ergonomic design that allows you to target the areas of great concern which include, but aren’t limited to:

The treatment for this device is similar to the last, except the heat is optional. To begin, make sure your face is clean and dry with no makeup and creams. Remove the device from the charging port, press the power button, and wait for the light to indicate it’s ready to use.

Amber light will automatically emit when it meets your skin. Slowly and gently glide it along the surface of your skin in circular motions for 3-5 minutes. To intensify the light therapy, you can apply heat mode with just a press of a button.

Torche V2+ Amber Light’s temperature will gradually increase up to 95⁰F. Then, just make sure the device is turned off, clean it with the cleaning cloth included in purchase, and place back onto the charging port. For optimal results, use 4-5 times a week.

Currently, we want the best results while also getting what’s best for our skin. Before, those two desires weren’t always a package deal. However, with this breakthrough in beauty technology, we can have that and more.

These two magical wands of beauty are just two in the new Jelessi line that is waiting for you to indulge your skin in.

Awaken your skin, rediscover your glow, and love your reflection.

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