Spring Into Good Skin with a New Regime

Changes to make to your skincare routine from Winter to Spring

The new season summons a new skincare routine, with spring into full effect, now is the time to prepare your skin for the longer, and warmer months ahead.

Fall and Winter are rough seasons on the skin, low temperatures, dry air, indoor heating and snow even. With so many season changes, skin struggles to adjust from one season to another while maintaining healthy skin.

On the bright side, there are small changes you can make to prepare your complexion for the sunnier days to come.

1. Bump up the SPF

Months of hibernating beneath layers of clothing, high knee socks, scarves, and sweaters, skipping sunscreen has become the forgotten step in the routine. Little did you know; sun protection is the most crucial step and should be followed religiously all year.

With the extra hour of daylight, that means more exposure to the sun. It’s important to reach for a higher SPF of at least 30, 50 preferrably. An even better solution is a moisturizer with SPF!

2. Exfoliate

The first action to take towards glowing skin is to invest in an exfoliator suitable for your skin type. The colder months cause the skin to become dull while developing a season’s worth of buildup on the barrier with dead skin cells, leftover product, and environmental toxins.

A gentle scrub will polish the winter skin away unclogging the pores and allowing your products to work to its full potential. The best results are followed by implementing a hydrating mask 2-3 times a week to keep skin moisturized and smooth.

3. Escape “hot” showers

A lukewarm shower will keep your skin smooth and hydrated. A “too hot” of shower can cause dry patches and leave your skin uncomfortable dehydrated.

4. Lighter Moisturizer

Skin tends to retain more water during the warmer months, so you don’t need as much moisture. Unless your skin type is dry, rest the heavy moisturizer and reach for the lighter one!

If your skin type is oily, a water-based moisturizer during the warm days would be ideal. The cooling effect against your skin feels great while ensuring your skin stays hydrated.

5. Lotion after Showering

After emerging from the shower, you have a higher concentration of moisture compared to the air. Water evaporates quickly leaving the skin very dry.. So don’t forget to moisturize your body as soon as you dry off from showering!

6. Adopt an Eye Cream

Did you know the skin below eyes are much more delicate than the skin on the remainder of your face? Months of dehydration calls for extra attention to your eyes.

7. Use Serum Morning and Evening

Be a minimalist when packing, but when it comes to your products, be extra. Apply serum both day and night before applying sunscreen and makeup for an extra layer of hydration and protection to combat the dry weather.

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